Create Your Own Ecosystem

Create Your Own Ecosystem

How We Plant


Site Investigation

First step involves a preliminary visit to the undertaking site to understand the overall site conditions such as ground water level, Pre existing structural elements, plumbing lines and measuring the site area.


Soil Testing

The soil samples are collected and tested to understand the texture of ground strata. This would further help deciding the appropriate soil preparation and enhancement needed for the particular site.


Native species survey

This Step involves Identification and choosing the right native species that are most suited for the site’s Agro- Climatic condition.


Procurement of soil enhancing materials and saplings

Once the suitable soil treatment and native species for the site are finalised, the listed procurement is obtained from the local vendors and nurseries.


Soil preparation according to Miyawaki method

Based on the site’s soil condition, soil enhancers such as cowdung, rice husk and cocopeat are added in different proportions to enhance the micronutrients, biome, porosity and water retention of the soil.


Miyawaki method cluster plantation

In a native forest tree species are typically classified under canopy, tree, sub tree and shrub layer. In this method saplings are planted very close to each other in Cluster of three in one meter square area. Each of these squares will have a layer of variety of sapling planted, mirroring the vegetation of a wild native forest.


Fixing support sticks for saplings

The support sticks are placed to help the young saplings stay and grow upright until their roots take a strong hold in the soil.



This step arrests the weed growth and protects top soil from exposure to direct sun light. It also helps the soil retain moisture and prevents excessive evaporation from the root zone.


Maintenance and growth monitoring

Regular watering, pruning and weeding is done for three years until forest becomes self sustained.

Create Your Own Ecosystem

100% Organic Material used



Rice Husk