Miyawaki Method

Create Your Own Ecosystem

Unique methodology

Miyawaki Method is a unique afforestation technique pioneered by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. It is a proven scientific methodology to grow the fastest multilayered, self-sustaining, native forest irrespective of the soil and climatic conditions. The uniqueness of this methodology is it’s adaptability in varied Argo-climatic zones and it’s use of variety of Native plant species to mimic the dynamic growth patterns naturally occurring in an indigenous forest.

Another distinctive feature of this method is that it involves planting native species in close proximity triggering these saplings to compete for light and nutrients, resulting in growth ten times faster than that of a conventional forest thus creating a fully grown self-sustained native forest in just three to five years.

30X More Tree

Approximately 30times more trees planted, as compared to conventional plantation techniques.

300% More Species

A minimum of 300% more species in the same area as compared to conventional plantation species.

Noise and Dust Isolation

A substantial 3000% increase in noise and dust isolation..

Maintenance Free

A completely maintenance free, wild and native forest after the first three years.

Chemical-fertilizer Free

A completely chemical-fertilizer free forest that sustains itself and supports local bio-diversity.

Carbon-dioxide absorption

Up to 30 times or more Carbon-dioxide absorption as compared to conventional forest.